Maybe you’re not so much to the modern style with stainless steel and modern colors in the home. Read on and learn something about French vintage style. Many are inclined rather to the older retro style, and here in Femina article can read a housing reportage about French vintage style implemented throughout the property. We are visiting Gitte Mengel, and she’s not the colors so she has created a harmonious and romantic home in black and white.

The residence is in French vintage style

In a busy life, it is important for me to come home to a home that gives me peace and harmony. I am not the colors. Therefore, I have decorated our apartment exclusively in black and white and with a relatively simple furnishings, explains Gitte Mengel, sales manager for among others Christine Løgstrup, house Moller and Dolce and Gabbana.

The kitchen

The black Eva Trio pots hang beautifully in the French pot hanging over the stove. In the kitchen there is
also room for a small dining table. The bright 160 m2 luxury flat in Frederiksberg consists of an entrance hall, where there is access to a small children’s room, as the couple’s nine year old son Jarl live in. From the entrance hall there is also access to a small toilet and dining room, anretterrum, kitchen and pantry. The dining room is a suite with living room, where there is a door to the library, the bedroom and the couple’s bathroom. The kitchen is furnished with a small dining area. This is where the family gathers for meals everyday.

Only old vintage stuff

The bathroom with tub is equipped with newly bought old furniture, so it gets a special vintage look that matches the rest of the apartment. In addition to the two large fluffy white sofas in the living room as well as various practical electrical goods such as radio, television, etc., it is sparing with designer news in the apartment. It is entirely decorated with beautiful old French furniture, heirlooms and trinkets that Gitte bought in antique shops and even enabled. Stroke table is French and purchased whitewash and is permanent with both plates turned up. A look through the wide opening from the dining room and into the living room. The big black French Linen press accommodates glass and porcelain.


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