Here you can read about a man who has an unusual hobby. He is vintage-hunter, it is his sport and the whole world is his area where he chases after special fund to his home.

When Mads Hildebrandt Friis and his girlfriend take a walk through the city, banks his heart a little faster each time they enter into an antique shop. Mads hunt for discoveries to his home, which makes even a historian to drool, and he uses like a long time to catch the right. “I love the chase and go for furniture and things with soul,” says vintage-hunter, who proudly displays his latest prey forward: A handmade display with Chinese motifs from the auction house Bruun Rasmussen.

When the couple moved into their Copenhagen luxury flat of 180 square meters, they found a chandelier in their attic. The smoke immediately into the TV room. But the chandelier is not the only clue, the couple found after the former occupants.

TV room

The TV room has Mads had tailored a bookcase with room for lots of books. It gives the room a sense of library and coziness. The large antique kelimtæppe Mads eliminated on auction website for lauritz. com, while the sofas are from Ikea. The coffee table is from the Blue Avis. The fine chandelier with cut crystal found Mads in the apartment’s attic.

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Photo by eefeewahfah