Do you need an office? You do not really how to organize it? You may not have that much space? Then take in here and get a lot of inspiration.

It can quickly become cold and less inspiring to sit in a huge room with a table, chair and your computer while it can also quickly become too comfortable to sit in front of the TV on the sofa. It’s a delicate balance, which may well be difficult to get to work. Here is a super nice guide to where and how you can decorate your office. First, I share some tips that I’ve found on about how you can make your office.

Tips for location

Home office tucked in the closet
If your apartment has a built-in closet, it can easily be utilized for working from home. A plate as a desk, a few shelves, and a chair that can be pushed under the table, then you are running. Home office in the garden You have cards to work, and ventilation is free. On the other hand, it requires a heat pump as a minimum to get through the winter. Decorating a room in an old shed, garage or have built a brand new small building, if funds are available.


Home Office under the stairs
It’s brilliant use of space to use the extra space under the stairs to the office. Customize your desktop and shelves to fit into the hole.

Home office in time
, it can be difficult to find extra space in small apartments, but often becomes a time just a kind of transit spaces that are not really used – take advantage of the space. If time is elongated, make a long worktable with a table top from the construction market, and use, for example, Ikea’s cheap shoe cabinets for storage of office equipment.

The flexible home office in the living room
An office does not need too much bulk. A flatmate table becomes an integral part of the living room and looks just like a cabinet when it is merged, and you can install lights sided, so you do not have to think of impractical lamps that fill. And when the day is over, and it was closing time, so just close the office together.

Tips for appearance will share tips on how to create his own perfect, personal office. See them here . On they have good furniture for your office, as you can see here .

Photo by Average Jane