Many remain today single, and therefore they have only a small dwelling. Therefore, you should think about when setting up a small home, and here’s why more exciting ideas for the decor.

9 Ideas for the design of a smaller home

To home seem larger than it actually is, you can open up to the ridge, if possible. Your room will seem much larger. Choose areas where you fråser with the space to create the feeling of a larger space. But optimize your storage, for example. in the basement or attic. Alternatively, you can dedicate a room for storage. Get custom built your furniture to suit the apartment’s goal.

Think in height and you can use your living space much better if you utilize all the way to the ceiling. That way you can easily make room for books and other things. One can possibly arrange a loft.

1. Find a closet takes advantage of your ceiling height optimally.

2. Ask several cabinets on top of each other. Remember to ensure good stability.

3. If you choose a high piece of furniture for a small room, take a narrow version to save floor space.

4. If you want a large, high cabinet, look for one with glass doors, it works less violently.

5. Multifunctional furniture is a hit when you stay small. Find stools that can be used as a side table. It can also be a buffered storage or closet space with office function.

6. Go for coffee tables and side tables with shelves that give you extra space to put magazines and books.

7. Part of my kitchen is just off the apartment’s rafters, and why I have chosen open shelves in that section because the space would otherwise be impossible to use.

8. Do you have high ceilings, so get built a loft. Even if the walls you can use the maximum, for example. for a bed or as a storage compartment. The lofts can even be used as a bedroom.

9. Use the space under the stairs with a decorative cabinet or have built a closet at goal.