The word “vintage” has over the years had many meanings. Previously, this meant a year’s harvest, but today describes almost everything archaic and classical including furniture, cars, clothing, computers, musical instruments and collectibles. So vintage is a kind of style direction and its primary definition is “old, recognized and enduring interest, importance or quality.” Vintage is usually associated with quality of aging, i.e., when something is improved over time.


After you have had some furniture for many years, maybe they are inherited from parents or grandparents, you get a special relation to the objects, since the subject has historical value, ie sentimental value. For you this means heirloom very much, whereas others may not appreciate the subject at all. It is clear that within antiques also sorts the items in accordance with their quality and popularity.


Within the antique world judged an object or item as “vintage” if it were produced between 1830 and 1930th


Inside, antique cars, so it is estimated a vintage car for “vintage” when it is one made between 1919 and 1930th

General information about vintage

So one can therefore generally describe something as “vintage”, when he is old enough to be in fashion again. Fashion changes all the time, then at some point starts mature all over again. Thus, the 1970s styles now in vogue again (God knows why), they are even “vintage”, whereas the 1980s styles still not been revived, they are still outdated and old-fashioned. But later they’ll be “vintage”.


At auction houses (eg. and must of course mention an object to be sold. It uses also vintage furniture and other fixtures that are classic and old-fashioned but fully functional in good quality. Is it really old it is thus ancient, but it is only a little old is the vintage.

Example, you can see many furniture and other items in vintage on the website: