Tired of black, white and gray? But are you hesitant to add color to your home? See how you can add color to your home, and steady preserve the property unique vintage look here.

It’s a delicate balance to add color to your home, without destroying the vintage feels you have spent so much energy to build up in your home. On isabellas.dk you will find the answer and inspiring images, and then it’s not much better, right? See how to keep your awesome vintage look, even if you add color below.

delicate balance

Shades of pink, metals and elements from nature; wood and skin, are currently trendy, and who would not be modern? Your home can quickly become very feminine, if you add too much pink for your home, make sure therefore to give something masculine contrast in the form of dark metal, add also like dark wood furnishings. If you now not to dark wood, you can always paint your furniture in the desired color, possibly white, and then carefully grind a bit of paint off, so you get a little antique and vintage look. Add possibly metal furniture, a stool of metal can give a super nice rustic look.

Buy furniture

There are many opportunities for adding more rustic ticking and colorful items in your home. One of the options is to shop! However, it can be difficult to find the perfect furniture for your vintage home in Denmark as residential houses are characterized by the minimalist Scandinavian interior design style, but there is hope. I have found a few websites where you can get some nice furniture and knick-knacks for the new decor in your home. On emmys.dk you will find a lot of nice trinket, and a real home is getting a lot of knick-knacks. See the page here . On indieliving.dk you can find a lot of beautiful furniture that is perfect for your vintage home. See the page here .



Photo by designmilk