housing Trends

Every year, housing designers to bid for the biggest interior design trends for the home. In 2013 saw the biggest housing trends on raw, Nordic design, geometric patterns and on the whole furniture that oozed genuine craftsmanship. Trend expert Stefan Nilsson highlighted the key housing trends for 2014 to be “drama in the house,” “talisman”, “nursery” and “structure and forest 2.0”.

To follow this trend need to be bold and creative. In 2014 it is all about dramatic and scenographic interior. Functionality no longer play a major role, whereas the unique and dramatic gaining ground. This trend is no longer enough to copy other – you need to find your creativity forward and be daring. Your home should be exciting – to do something!


This trend is inspired by Africa and is characterized by rustic and ethnic elements. Within this trend will see a lot of Inca print, reddish / yellowish tones combined with different types of wood. The story behind the furniture and craftsmanship are important.


The focus of this trend is the humor and colors – tended to the childish. The design appeals to fun and humor and especially pastel colors are mixed. This trend has extra focus on interaction and engagement with an eye for that you have to enjoy yourself. Optimism is a key word.

Structure & forest 2.0

Greenery in a new, futuristic way the trend within this trend. Nature is a source of inspiration. There is a great focus on ecology and recycling – and basically how nature can give us better lives. With this trend, we must again have lots of plants in our home.

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Photo by Jurgen Leckie